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From 1997 to 2001, Nevus Outreach was a real "grass-roots" organization, operated completely without any staff of any kind. In 2001 the Board of Directors chose to hire professional staff with the goal of better meeting constituents' needs. The organization has grown steadily since. The Nevus Outreach staff have pledged to do their very best to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact the staff at any time for any reason.


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Lauren Isbell- Chief Executive Officer for Nevus Outreach
Lauren Isbell, CEO

Lauren Isbell became part of the Nevus Family when her youngest daughter, Maylee Joy, was born with a facial congenital melanocytic nevus in 2017.  After attending her first conference in 2018, she served as a volunteer on the Fundraising Committee prior to being selected as the new CEO of Nevus Outreach in 2019.  Lauren has been living the non-profit life since girlhood if you count slinging Girl Scout Cookies. Powered by strong coffee, cheap wine, and Broadway show-tunes she loves to be a connector of ideas, people, and goodwill.

A social worker at heart, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Arkansas State University and completed both a three-year training program, the Community Development Institute, at the University of Central Arkansas and Non-Profit Management Executive Education Progam with Northwestern University in Chicago. She’s worked at a half dozen non-profits and has had a myriad of opportunities to develop skills as a problem-solver and innovator while helping direct campaigns that shifted organizational culture. She’s always been a lover of the written word- published for the first time at age 8. She uses it to craft messages to donors, strategic partners, and others to drive intentional, strategic results.

She lives in the Mississippi Delta, just west of Memphis, Tennessee with her husband Tyler, their four children, their Siberian Husky, Maya, whom she adores, and her ungrateful rescue kitten Piper who was definitely the kids’ idea.