Treatment Options


What are my options?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “What can be done about it?” This is a tricky one to answer, because it depends on a lot of things. Unfortunately, there is not a pill you can take or a cream you can rub on that will make a large congenital nevus go away.

Nevus Removal

In a nutshell – there are no magic answers. Even though doctors remove small moles with good results every day, a large nevus involves much more.

When removal of the nevus is possible, the success of the procedure depends on a number of factors:

  • How is "successful" defined?
  • How large is the nevus?
  • Where is the nevus located?
  • How skilled is the surgeon?

Removing a congenital pigmented nevus requires cutting out the nevus with a knife, and stitching the removal site closed with a needle and thread and cannot be done without leaving a scar.

Read more about nevus removal here.

What about LASER Treatment?

We all want to think modern medicine has miracles to offer us. Although use of lasers are successful for many superficial skin imperfections, lasers generally cannot remove a pigmented nevus. Lasers can destroy most of the cells of some nevi. Some people report successful results with laser treatment. Others report poor results. Some people report that over the long term, pigmentation has returned to the site of the laser treatment.

It’s true that sometimes melanocytes that are not destroyed produce more melanin and the brown color comes back. Even so, a good laser doctor may be able to use the right laser in the right way to bring about results that are pleasing to the patient and their family. Because large nevi are so rare, most laser doctors have limited experience with them. Like anything else, if you are interested in pursuing laser, you should ask the doctor how much experience and what kind of results they have had.

Palliative Care

Many people with large nevi have problems with itching and other discomfort. We don't have specific recommendations for products, however, we do know people in the nevus community have had varying success with different lotions, creams and other items. These items can alleviate some discomfort, but it is important to note that there are no creams, lotions or other products that can remove a nevus!

We recommend that you connect with other people with nevi and ask what they like to use for itching and other discomfort. Join the Nevus Outreach Support Group today! Also, be sure you check with your doctor before trying any new product for your nevus.

Hair Removal

Just a word of caution here. Remember that nevus skin can be thin and tear easily, so care should be taken with any attempt to remove hair from your nevus. Harsh chemicals are not recommended. Talk to an experienced doctor about methods of removing hair from your nevus.

Looking for a doctor?

Nevus Outreach, Inc. does not endorse any doctors or medical professionals. We know many new nevus parents, though, are looking for a doctor who has experience working with large nevi. We have compiled a list of doctors who are used by our members. We make no claims or recommendations of these doctors.

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What is a CMN?

A congenital melanocytic nevus or CMN is basically a large mole that is present at birth. Learning more about the condition can help you make the best treatment decisions for yourself or your child, so check out the links below for more information.

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