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Our Mission

The Mission of Nevus Outreach, Inc.

Nevus Outreach is dedicated to driving awareness, fostering a supportive community, and advancing research for people affected by congenital melanocytic nevi and related conditions.



Driving awareness and education about large congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) and neurocutaneous melanocytosis (melanosis) (NCM) including:
  • Producing literature on CMN and NCM, using content approved by our Professional Advisory Committee.

  • Distributing this educational material as widely as possible to doctors, patients and the public using direct mail, in-person handouts and the Internet.


Fostering supportive community with CMN and NCM and related conditions including:
  • Offering support for psychological issues and the everyday problems specific to people with CMN and NCM.

  • Holding biennial conferences which bring people affected by CMN and NCM together with each other and with medical and psychosocial professionals.

  • Providing services such as a Facebook group, email based discussion groups, and online publications to help those affected by CMN and NCM to interact and share experiences and insight with each other.

  • Promoting social and psychological research and programs which benefit people affected by CMN and NCM.

  • Helping people with CMN and NCM who require medical treatment to obtain it.

  • Making up-to-date information about current research and medical discoveries available to members and other interested parties.


Advancing Research for treatments and cures for those with CMN and NCM including:
  • Treatments: Exploring innovative surgical techniques, laser therapies, and medication options for managing CMN and NCM, minimizing risks and maximizing cosmetic outcomes.

  • Funding Research: Securing grants and collaborating with institutions to fuel cutting-edge studies and accelerate breakthroughs.

  • Data Collection: Partnering with individuals and families to build comprehensive databases on CMN and NCM, providing invaluable insights for research and clinical practice.

  • Psychological & Social Impact: Investigating the emotional and social challenges faced by those living with CMN and NCM, developing support strategies and fostering positive self-image.

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