Grassroots Fundraising


Since 1997, people like you have raised over $500,000 for Nevus Outreach by holding fundraising events.

Thank you!!

Your help has funded research projects, informed doctors and others about CMN and NCM, kept the office running and brought people with giant nevi from all over the world together through conferences and international meetings.

Thankful For Grassroots Support Campaign

Many people hold fundraisers simply because they want to raise money for Nevus Outreach.

But, for the past few Nevus Outreach International Conferences, grassroots fundraisers have also been used as an opportunity to earn credits toward attending the conference. This option can make it more affordable.

Conference credits from grassroots fundraisers are as follows:

When you raise this much 

You get this much credit


Sign-up one adult or teen to attend free (approx $250)


Sign-up one child (0-12) to attend free (approx $125)

(Note: one rule from a fundraising ethics standpoint. You, yourself, cannot donate to your fundraiser and receive credits toward the conference as this is considered quid pro quo. Your donations must all be from other people.)

To set up your own Grassroots Fundraiser, click here. Scroll to the bottom of the Fundraiser page and click the Register Now button to set up your own event. 

Questions? Call 918-331-0595

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So get creative and figure out how you're going to tackle this challenge then fill out this form and get started! Let us know here in the office if there is anything we can do to help you succeed! Best of luck.

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