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Leave a legacy.

The Nevus Outreach Legacy Society is an elite group of supporters who have included Nevus Outreach as beneficiaries in their estate planning, mostly by leaving a bequest in their will.

As this program grows, we can do more and more to accomplish our mission: bringing awareness, providing support, and finding cures for people affected by congenital melanocytic nevi and related disorders. We wanted to find out what motivates people to join the Nevus Outreach Legacy Society, so we took the opportunity to ask Chris Nulf, one of the members.

Every donation helps us with our mission of awareness, support, and finding cures.

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Chris Nulf

Legacy Society Member

“My good friends Mark Beckwith and Kathy Stewart had a daughter, Megan, now 22, with a nevus. This experience changed their lives.


Rather than succumbing to the natural, human instinct to withdraw into "oh, why is this happening to us?", they instead chose to redirect that in a positive direction by reaching out to others by creating what became, "Nevus Outreach." In doing so, they turned tragedy into triumph by connecting the isolated worlds of individuals and families with giant nevi, to what has become a world-wide network of connected and engaged community. They turned junk that passed for pseudo-science about giant nevi in 1996 into real hard research and legitimate statistical analysis on the disease. I have had the privilege of knowing Mark, Kathy, and Megan for all this time. I have watched them grow as a family, thrive in spite of, and in defiance of, their disability, and aggressively fight back against this condition successfully.

“I know that not all families' stories have such happy endings, and so for the successes in the past, the successes to come, and the certain knowledge that this need is unmet largely outside of Nevus Outreach, and greater community, I contribute regularly. I consider it part of my tithe to God.

“When I eventually pass, as we all must at some point or another, I have a vested interest that one of my final wishes is to see this organization continue into the future. This is why I have listed Nevus Outreach as a recipient of a portion of my estate in my will.”

Legacy Society Members

Chris Nulf
Rita Pink
Mark Beckwith
Kathy Stewart
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