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The Paul Coleman Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship for a medical student or pre-med student actively applying to medical school.

The Paul Coleman Memorial Scholarship

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Paul Coleman Memorial Scholarship! 

Nevus Outreach is offering 1 - $500 scholarships in honor of Paul.

As the eldest son of two physicians, Paul's interest in the field of medicine began at an early age. He was a paramedic in Detroit when his son Evan was born. Paul's medical education was jump-started when Evan was diagnosed with cancer. Five years later, one of Evan's last wishes cemented Paul's path: to discover more about the disease that prematurely took Evan from us, and to help as many people as he could along the way. Over the next several years, Paul earned a master’s in medical science and became a physician’s assistant where he spent the rest of his career caring for the underserved populations across North Carolina.

As the Chair of the Board of Directors for Nevus Outreach from 2018-2020, along with his leadership, he had a strong presence within our Board of Directors.

In honor of the Coleman family, Nevus Outreach established the Paul Coleman Memorial Scholarships to benefit be a pre-med or medical student actively applying to medical school, who are Nevus Outreach community members, and who demonstrate a passion for love of family.

Students who meet the below criteria and are a pre-med or medical student are encouraged to apply for the scholarship. The selected recipient awarded will be a well-rounded individual who shares Paul’s passions of family, learning, and medicine.

Medical research applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of the Nevus Outreach community.

  • Be a pre-med or medical student.

  • Share Paul’s passion for positively impacting patients’ lives.

If you meet the criteria mentioned above, please submit the following to apply:

  • A complete online application, which includes an essay and/or video

  • A copy of your medical school transcript

  • A copy of your CV

  • A personal statement

Scholarship Application Deadline May 30
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