Nevus Outreach, Inc., The association for Large Nevi and related disorders.

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Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears
Today's blog is from Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator Taylor Scott, who assists me in more ways than I can remember. We continue ongoing conversation about how to continue making the mission of Nevus Outreach possible. (more)

Top 3 Conversation Topics to start with your Representative or Senators
The AADA hosts a legislative conference every year, and invites both dermatologists and non-profit patient representatives. Nevus Outreach is part of a Coalition of Skin Diseases (CSD). After intensive education and training, we take our issues to Capitol Hill and are asked to provide feedback and follow ups from these meetings. (more)

Facebook Surprise!
I am currently working on a project charting the Support Group Member Totals for 2014. Here is the month by month chart for the Yahoo! Support Group and the Facebook Support Group. I'll let you make your own interpretations, because no matter how you look at it: our Facebook group is alive and growing! I hope this also brings a smile to your face. (more)

Catgirl. Turtle Boy. Werewolf. Hairy. Enormous. Disfigured. Abandoned. Rejected.
Sensationalism, involving use of fear, anger, excitement and crude thrill in online media, brings its purveyors more readers and page views, and therefore higher advertising revenues. Fight ignorance with your helpful knowledge. Turn the unhealthy "buzz" which has rightly upset you, into a communication tool. (more)

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