Nevus Outreach, Inc., The association for Large Nevi and related disorders.

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Thankful for Families
It is families of all kinds that make up the fabric of Nevus Outreach. Learn more about why we call ourselves "the family you never knew you had" and the special place that moms occupy in the lineup! (more)

Mind and Matter - a Grandmother Speaks Out
In which Nevus Outreach gets a link from the Wall Street Journal! Thank you to Alison Gopnik, Mind and Matter columnist, and grandmother of a child with a large congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) who was moved to mention Nevus Outreach in her Thanksgiving column. (more)

In the Spirit of the Season - Remembering Nevus Outreach
Before Nevus Outreach, almost all people affected by large congenital nevi felt alone, they didn’t meet other people with nevi, and they didn’t know anyone who could relate to what they were going through. Even most of their doctors were at a loss to understand the most basic things about their disorder. (more)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears
Today's blog is from Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator Taylor Scott, who assists me in more ways than I can remember. We continue ongoing conversation about how to continue making the mission of Nevus Outreach possible. (more)

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