What Nevus Outreach Does Not Do


For the record, we wanted to take a second to point out some things we don't do.

Help With Medical Expenses

Need help with medical expenses? We don't help people with medical expenses, at least not yet. We may someday, but right now we don't.

Non-CMN Nevi

Do you have another kind of nevus that's not a large congenital melanocytic nevus? (Spitz, sebaceous, blue, blue rubber bleb, epidermal, liner epidermal, Beckers, Clarks, Jadassohn, to name a few). We don't know very much about other kinds of nevi. We deal only with large pigmented moles present at birth. We apologize if this has inconvenienced you, and we hope you understand. Here are some resources for other kinds of nevi.

Online Forums

We don't have forums anymore. We did for 35 months from June 2004 through May 2007. During that time we learned that our email-based support group had almost 24 times as much traffic.

Online Chat Rooms

We don't have chat rooms. We tried that before, too.

Regional Support Groups

We don't have regional support groups.  This is a rare disease affecting people who are mostly strapped with larger than average medical bills.  There are not enough resources to create and maintain regional support groups.  Our conferences and online support groups appear to do a good job of meeting this need for persons and families who feel participating in them is important enough to do so.

Note: remember that there are maybe 600-1500 people in the USA who are seeking the involvement and support we provide. Don't compare this to bigger online communities where their forums and chat rooms are always bustling. We feel it makes sense to focus everyone in one direction, and our most successful arena by far is the internet.

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We also DO things...

Contrary to what you might think after reading this page, Nevus Outreach is actually a very helpful, caring organization. We invite you to continue to browse the site, or check out some of these pages:

Join a Support Group Frequently Asked Questions Kathy and Megan Stewart at the Nevus Outreach Conference

What we do

At Nevus Outreach, we are dedicated to improving awareness and providing support for people affected by CMN, and finding a cure. Learn more about our mission and how we support nevus owners and their families by visiting our Mission page.