What Nevus Outreach Does Not Do


For the record, we wanted to take a second to point out some things we don't do.

Help With Medical Expenses

Need help with medical expenses? We don't help people with medical expenses, at least not yet. We may someday, but right now we don't.

Non-CMN Nevi

Do you have another kind of nevus that's not a large congenital melanocytic nevus? (Spitz, sebaceous, blue, blue rubber bleb, epidermal, liner epidermal, Beckers, Clarks, Jadassohn, to name a few). We don't know very much about other kinds of nevi. We deal only with large pigmented moles present at birth. We apologize if this has inconvenienced you, and we hope you understand. Here are some resources for other kinds of nevi.

Regional Support Groups

We don't currently have regional support groups, although this concept is in the planning stages.  We are currently seeking funding to support this project.  Meanwhile, our conferences and online support groups do a good job of meeting the needs of people seeking answers to questions and meeting others face to face.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to Contact Us.


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What we do

At Nevus Outreach, we are dedicated to improving awareness and providing support for people affected by CMN, and finding a cure. Learn more about our mission and how we support nevus owners and their families by visiting our Mission page.