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Mark Beckwith wearing a Santa hat

Mark Beckwith wearing a Santa hat

by Mark Beckwith

Holiday greetings to everyone within sight of these words! As I write, it’s coming up on Thanksgiving and I am blogging on our web site about all the various facets of Nevus Outreach I am thankful for. Hooray for all those people: Families, Doctors, Scientists, Staff, Volunteers, and Supporters! There is no doubt that we would not be what we are without them. Without … you.

Inside this newsletter you will find information I hope interests you – financial information, a brief history of Nevus Outreach, what people are saying about us and what we do, and greetings from our new Board Chair and my close colleague Anne Houseal, the mother of Angela, who, by the way, “is fabulous!” Anne and I go back 10 years now – I remember the first time I met her like it was yesterday – when she stood up at the 2004 conference in Columbus and asked great questions about what Nevus Outreach is about and how we accomplish it. Go figure, now she’s Board Chair. Gotta love that. I do!

There’s also a short interview with Leo’s mom, Lauren Young, who is running her third annual Grassroots Fundraiser on the Nevus Outreach web site - every year she announces she wants to raise a number of hundreds of dollars equal to Leo’s new age – then every year she blows the lid off the top of the thermometer. This year she hit her mark in less than 6 hours! Read about what makes Lauren tick, and why you should learn how to put on a grassroots fundraiser for the family you didn’t know you had until that day you stumbled upon Nevus Outreach.

Then at last, don’t take my word for it, but instead read all the great things others have said about Nevus Outreach, and all the things we offer and do. When we sat down to collect people’s comments, we thought we could find one or two, but what we discovered was, there are enough to make us more proud of our accomplishments than we ever thought we could be, and from people all over the world. So thank you all for your kind comments!

My call to action: I hope you will consider giving your generous support to the little patient association that accomplishes so much for people affected by such a rare disease. Let’s make 2015 another great year for Nevus Outreach and all people affected by congenital nevi throughout the world!

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