Welcome Kent Blount

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Welcome Kent Blout to Nevus Outreach

Nevus Outreach welcomes
Kent Blout to our team.

Did you know Kent Blount joined the staff of Nevus Outreach in December? It's been a big year, with notable events taking place on all fronts: support, education and research. Our needs in the office are not getting smaller, so when Carolyn Glass announced she had taken a new job, we reorganized our precious resources and created a full-time position for a new Office Manager.

Kent brings 27 years experience working in the non-profit environment as a bookkeeper and accountant. There has never been a time when these skills were more important in the management of Nevus Outreach. These necessary areas requiring excellence are now in great hands! In a few short months Kent has taken our books from home-spun to professional grade. This is a huge aspect of the job Kent balances with all the other office management responsibilities. In particular, since we released the new website with many different kinds of “contact us” forms, Kent has managed thousands of people records, hundreds of inquiries for materials, support group memberships, lost passwords, new registries, donations and all the transactions with our Outreach Angels, our top-tier donors. Welcome, Kent!

For more information, visit our staff page.

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