The Power of Community Campaign


2012 Nevus Outreach Conference and Reunion

Dallas, TX July 4th-7th, 2012


At the 2010 Conference, people began saying:

“If we don’t do it, it won’t get done”

Wow! Things are getting done! In May, 2011, Nevus Outreach, Inc. sponsored an International meeting of Nevus experts in Tübigen, Germany. Results of that meeting include plans for a cooperative worldwide registry and a multi-lingual global information website. And, in their July issue, the Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research journal published a report of the meeting’s proceedings.

Support has increased dramatically as hundreds of people have found their nevus “family” on Facebook, in the Nevus Outreach Support Group and through smaller regional gatherings.

The Nevus Community is larger and stronger than ever. By all indications, the 2012 Nevus Outreach Conference and Reunion will break all previous attendance records (we are expecting close to 400!) as Nevus Outreach celebrates 15 years of increasing awareness, providing support and seeking a cure. Some things you may NOT know about a conference. Nevus Outreach:

  • Subsidizes every attendee to keep the cost down for individuals and families
  • Provides financial aid for those who want to attend but do not have sufficient resources to make that happen
  • Offers all “first timer” adults with a nevus a complimentary sign-up since their attendance is so inspiring for the kids and their parents
  • Brings experts from all over the world as conference speakers and medical professionals who donate their time for patient consultations to attendees
  • Offers FREE mole mapping at the conference through Canfield Scientific
  • Advances research by collecting blood samples and key demographic information
  • Distributes brochures and other materials to help people spread the word about giant congenital nevi

These benefits have a price tag.

In past years, the conferences have been subsidized from the Nevus Outreach General Fund. This practice puts tremendous strain on the overall budget. This year, we’re giving people the opportunity to support Nevus Outreach in a bigger way!

Your gift as a Conference Sponsor will help fund ALL of these activities during the conference and help to advance the work of Nevus Outreach in the world. Please consider a generous gift toward: “The Power of Community”