The Best Papers on CMN and Related Conditions

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Naevus Global has released a bibliography of the best papers about congenital melanocytic nevi and neurocutaneous melanocytosis, and related conditions. The Scientific Advisory Council of Naevus Global, at the direction of their chair, French biologist Dr. Heather Etchevers, has chosen the papers they feel are the most definitive and accurate from the cloud of peer-reviewed journal articles.

Calling it "recommended reading," Dr. Etchevers describes the list as "significant and classic papers that have advanced knowledge about simple or syndromic congenital melanocytic nevi and their potential complications." In describing the process used to distill the list, she explained that a multidisciplinary team of six members of the Scientific Advisory Council listed the papers they felt should be included on the list. The only ground rule was that each person agreed to not suggest any paper they had been involved in producing. "We asked volunteers to exclude recommending their own work."

Dr. Etchevers is an American-born developmental biologist who specializes in embryology and genetics for INSERM, the French National Institutes of Health. She has pursued a keen interest in congenital melanocytic nevi for nearly two decades.

The list of articles is now available in a number of places, linking to the papers themselves. You can find it here, where Dr. Etchevers writes about the CMN project she is working on, and you can find it here on the Naevus Global web site.

The Scientific Advisory Council of Naevus Global is made up of medical and scientific professionals who advise Naevus Global member associations and its Board of Directors. It assesses applications for research funding proposed by advocacy groups, and provides independent and experienced assistance to the Board in matters pertaining to patient care and scientific questions relevant to large congenital melanocytic nevi. To read about the experts who make up this comprehensive team of world experts, you can view their individual biographies here.

Founded in 2013 as a result of significant effort by Nevus Outreach, Naevus Global is a worldwide association networking together country- or region-specific patient associations that focus on people affected by congenital melanocytic nevi. The Naevus Global web site offers professionally written information about CMN for laypeople in 10 different languages, and links to member associations in 12 different countries. Mark Beckwith, Chief Executive of Nevus Outreach, credits the vision of the Nevus Outreach Strategic Planning Team for conceiving the Naevus Global network and pulling together the critical resources necessary to bring it into being. “Without the involvement of all these people, we could never have done it. I am very proud of this accomplishment on behalf of everyone at Nevus Outreach and the leaders of associations for patients around the world. None of us could have done it by ourselves.”

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