Thankful for Grassroots Support

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At Nevus Outreach we know it takes a village. We know we cannot do what we do without the support of the families and friends of people who are touched by our disease.

For this we are thankful.

The single thing we do that touches the most people is the big conference we put on every two years. Hundreds of people come together to meet, exchange, meet with physicians, receive services, and learn about our disease and all the things we are trying to do about it. The next one will be in Chicago, in July 2018.

The conference is expensive, and the cost is only partly covered by what families pay to attend, so we try to find ways to make it all possible for everyone. We need to raise money to put on the event, and when people with nevi and their families and friends help, we want to show our thanks by giving them the chance to accumulate credit to attend. The way we see it, if it costs a charity like Nevus Outreach twenty cents to raise a dollar, then when a friend helps us raise a dollar, we figure the least we can do is give them credit for the twenty cents! We have done this since 2012 and it has helped more people attend the conference than ever before.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are launching our conference support campaign to allow people to start saving up to attend the next conference. Click here to read more.

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