Strategic Plan


In late 2009 the Morgan Family Foundation encouraged Nevus Outreach to undergo the Strategic Planning process. We engaged Courtney Schoessow of Public Health Works!, a Texas-based company, to shepherd us through this process. The resulting 3-5 year plan clarified two areas of focus: Scientific Research and Informed Decision Making.

Informed Decision Making

Taking an organized approach to Informed Decision Making was a new idea for us, and Schoessow’s expertise guided us toward intelligent choices where information design is concerned. Her experience with underserved populations gave us our first glimpse of how big a job this is, and what role we might play in it. Her expertise gathering metrics throughout the 2010 year has allowed us to understand better how we can improve what we do to reach more people affected by large nevi, whether patients, family members, or healthcare professionals.

Scientific Research

On the scientific front, Nevus Outreach has a long and excellent history of setting the bar for the research of large nevi – for both basic science and potential therapies. Under Schoessow’s guidance we have considered ways to formalize our processes to get more funding into the hands of more researchers, to leave even fewer stones unturned. As a result we will re-vamp both our application process and our proposal review process, effective in 2011.

Two young adults hanging out at the Nevus Outreach conference

Looking for other ways to get involved?

Nevus Outreach has many projects underway, all designed to help raise awareness and support for those affected by CMN. If you're interested in becoming more involved, check out some of our other projects listed below.

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