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We are pleased to announce that registration is open for the Ninth Nevus Conference and Family Reunion to be held in Westlake, Texas on July 2-5, 2014.  The conference has become a tradition for many families from all over the United States and beyond. Nowhere in the world will you find so many people affected by congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) gathered in one place at the same time. In a world where doctors have never seen it before, and new parents are still saying “I thought I was the only one,” this meeting offers an improved point of view.

Our conference will be held at the Marriott Solana hotel. All conference events take place at the Solana. For the adults, there will be three and a half days which include presentations from experts on living with a nevus, medicine, and science, and lot of time to just talk and make new friends.

The Nevus Conference, as it has come to be called, is sure to satisfy the needs of a very special group of people – people with CMN, their parents and grandparents, and their children and grandchildren. At the Nevus Conference you will find the best medical expertise in CMN available anywhere, the best understanding of what it’s like to live with a nevus, and the best camaraderie anywhere. People who attend a Nevus Conference understand the nevus world, which, for many, is a first when they arrive.

Festivities begin Wednesday evening with our first keynote speaker, Rick Guidotti of Positive Exposure. A fashion photographer in demand throughout the world, Rick relates, “In fashion I was always frustrated because I was told who I had to photograph. I was always told who was beautiful.” He set out to redefine beauty using images of people with rare diseases. In 2013, Rick was commissioned to create an exhibit for Nevus Outreach, which will also be on display at the conference.

Included in the basic registration fee are our legendary Pool Party, the second annual talent show, the banquet, two dinners and all lunches.  Families attending may also be able to consult with a dermatologist, a neurologist and a plastic surgeon. Total Body Photography will once again be offered free of charge.

Closing the conference at our now-famous Semi-Formal Banquet and Dance, we will hear an inspirational message from Travis Bailey, the father of Gavin who died at age one from severe complications of neurocutaneous melanocytosis (NCM). A returned soldier from Afghanistan, Travis will touch those in attendance with a stirring account of his thoughts about this major chapter in his family’s life.

A word about the cost

Anyone who has attended a Nevus Conference knows it costs a lot more to put one on than we charge to attend. Our conference in 2012 cost $365 per person to put on.  The money we got from people registering only covered 31% of the actual cost. In an effort to improve this balance, we adjusted the way we do the fees this time.

The good news: There are a number of items that not everyone uses – so we split them out, reduced the basic cost (we reduced it 20% for Earlybirds!), and will now charge additional fees for things like Kid and Teen activities (actually we did that last time too) and daycare and breakfasts. One of our biggest frustrations was the number of breakfasts going to waste because so many people did not come down to eat every morning before the talks began.  So this year, in a change from previous conferences, continental breakfasts, and use of daycare provided by Premiere Daycare Academy, will be made available at a modest fee. Your understanding is appreciated.  

The good news is, the price is lowest if you sign up the soonest!  Follow the link to get started

Register Now for the 2014 Nevus Conference and Reunion

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