Post-Conference Update


It's Mid-August and the heat is getting old here in Oklahoma. We should all be on vacation. Or should we? One of the many things that set Conference 2006 apart from all the ones that have come before it, is that there is so much to do as a result of it. Since our inception, we have taken a much-needed breather after each conference. There's no rest for the weary this time!

At Nevus Outreach, we have never had scientific research goals as ambitious as we do today. If, in fact, we can interrupt the reproduction of melanocytes, as our research indicates we may be able to do, we're sitting on some science that has the potential to help a great number of patients with melanocyte-related ailments. There is no question but that we should pursue this, even at a 7-figure price tag. Does anyone reading this still wonder why we are so focused on raising funds?

To be sure, we have other responsibilities to our global nevus family. The Board takes no action without the Mission Statement fixed in their sights (they can frequently be heard chanting ‚"awareness-support-cure" to themselves). We are undergoing a thorough review of our literature by our Professional Advisory Committee, to make sure we offer the most current information—we know so much more now than we did when we created those materials some years ago.

Our online support group continues to grow and offer a hand to each member who needs a lift sometimes. We really are like a family, with much in common, and respecting each others' differences. Let's keep that up.

In the office, we're still digesting the huge response on the evaluation sheets—we enjoyed the accolades, and we take the comments, suggestions and criticism seriously. We are working hard to learn from our successes and our mistakes, to make Conference 2008 even better! Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to tell us what they think. Stay tuned...

Mark Beckwith
Executive Director
Nevus Outreach, Inc.

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