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Rexroat Family

Family: Michael & Melissa Rexroat, Aiden 15 months
Location: Corona, California

Our son Aiden, was born on November 1st, 2010 with a giant nevus located on his chest, back, and arm. We were scared, confused, and badly misinformed about his condition. After seeing some specialists, we decided that the best option for our son would be to remove his nevus through plastic surgery. This was a tough decision to make but we felt that this was the best choice. We are so thankful for Nevus Outreach. Without them, we would still be scared, confused, and badly misinformed. Instead we are educated and happy that Aiden never has to feel alone with his condition.A few months after Aiden was born,  we saw Megan Fields post on Facebook that there was going to be a Nevus gathering in Arizona and this was just what we needed. The only person we had talked to with a nevus was Megan, so we were excited to meet other families and not feel so alone. That trip to Arizona changed our lives. Not only did we make lifelong friends that day but we were informed about the Nevus Outreach support group and Dr. Bauer. We had been talking to a plastic surgeon in our area but after hearing about what the process was supposed to be like and seeing a child with expanders, we knew we didn't have the right doctor.  It was so refreshing to hear that there was an expert out there who had been doing this for a very long time. We were weary about traveling to Chicago but after speaking with Dr. Bauer, we knew that this was the path we were meant to take.

We started his surgery in August, 2011 with tissue expansion. The round went fairly smoothly and the results were amazing. We were supposed to start round two in March, 2012 but after his second surgery, Aiden developed a bad infection and we are postponed to July. Despite the setback, we are hoping to remove the remaining of his nevus in this next round. You can follow his journey on our blog at

We are so thankful for Nevus Outreach. Without them, we would still be scared, confused, and badly misinformed. Instead we are educated and happy that Aiden never has to feel alone with his condition.  We have made several new friends and the support is so wonderful. We are really excited to be attending our first Nevus Conference this year to learn more knowledge about his condition, meet new friends, and provide support to other families!

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