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There are a number of other organizations that share aspects of what we do in common with us. Here is a list of them with links to their web sites. Because our main goal is to connect people with nevi to the resources they need, we are interested in adding any other organizations that you may know of. Please email and let us at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0 to let us know about any large nevus organizations we may be missing.

Other Nevus Associations Around the World

Spanish flagAsociación Española de Nevus Gigante Congénito
French flagAssociation du Naevus Géant Congénital
British flagCaring Matters Now UK
Flying for Lily
Israeli flagעמותת ילדי האור
Italian flagNaevus Italia
German flagNaevus Netzwerk Germany
Dutch flagNevus Netwerk Nederland
American flagNevus Network
Australian flagNevus Support Australia

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More Nevus Resources & Information


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