Nevus Outreach Support Groups


Support From People Who Know What You're Going Through

Connect with people who have been there and understand the implications of having a large nevus.

What is the Nevus Outreach Facebook Group?

The Nevus Outreach Facebook Group is like a big round-table discussion, only it takes place on Facebook. This is a "closed" group, so you will need to ask to join. You will also need to answer several questions before being admitted to the group. This process ensures that everyone in the group is truly there to find out more about CMN. 

When someone asks a question and someone else has an answer, the communication takes place in the group, allowing others to chime in with related questions or experiences. This is the one place in the world where you are going to find so many other people who understand what you're going through. We have a large group on Facebook (nearly 4000 members). There are quite a number of groups when you look for "nevus" so click on the one that says "Nevus Outreach, Inc." and you'll be in the big group. 

Are there Support Groups in my area?

Not yet. But, one of our goals is to establish Regional Groups which will connect people to others near them!

A large congenital melanocytic nevus is a rare condition, and as such, there are not likely to be many (or any) people in your hometown who share the condition, making local support groups not practical. Still, it is our goal to bring people with large nevi together, and we strive to do that any way possible. Through our biennial conferences, the Nevus Outreach Support Facebook Group, friendships are forged that offer a lifetime of emotional support. Become a part of the Nevus Outreach Community, the largest nevus support group we know of!

Join a Support GroupTwo girls with nevi posing together at the Nevus Conference

I've joined a support group. Now what?

We're so glad you want to be a part of the Nevus Outreach community! Support groups are a great way to get to know other nevus families online and find answers to your questions about day-to-day life with a nevus. If you'd like to meet other nevus families in person, consider coming to the Nevus Conference. Held every other year (2016, 2018, etc), the Nevus Conference is one of the largest gatherings of people with nevi in the world and a fantastic place to receive the support you and your family need. In non-conference years, we also work to hold Nevus Gatherings throughout the country. These are smaller, informal groups of nevus families that get together to catch up, share information, and form friendships.

Nevus ConferenceNevus Gatherings