2014 Oklahoma Freewheel Fundraiser


We have some great news for everybody! Here is an easy opportunity to help keep Nevus Outreach moving forward on its ambitious goal of improving the lives of people everywhere affected by large congenital melanocytic nevi.


Who (L-R):

Nevus Outreach CEO – Mark Beckwith
Nevus Owner – Haley Morrow
Executive Administrator – Taylor Scott
Friend – Jared Barr 

What :

They ride their bicycles across the great state of Oklahoma


From the Texas border to the Kansas state line


June 8 - 14


To raise money to offset costs for the 2014 Nevus Outreach Conference



For the 36th year, up to 1000 bike riders will ride across Oklahoma in the Oklahoma Freewheel (over 500 miles in only 7 days). Taylor and Mark rode Oklahoma freewheel in 2013 when our biggest funder told us they couldn’t fund any requests for 2013, which would represent a 42% loss in revenue for Nevus Outreach, Taylor and Mark decided to find a way to go the extra mile. Due to the success of this event in 2013, they are setting their sights even higher for 2014.

Of course, it won’t raise anything if nobody accepts the challenge and makes a pledge. So now is your chance to show your support for Nevus Outreach. Between now and the end of the Nevus Outreach conference (July 6), go to the Grassroots Fundraiser page and show your support! To quote Nevus Outreach CEO Mark Beckwith, "if we don't do it, it won't get done."

Rider Bio Page Link

Taylor Scott

Mark Beckwith

Haley Morrow

Jared Barr