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The Travelbloguer: On Freewheel Thursday Update

Today I thought we would give you a little treat. This video will give you a little insight into our daily routine here on Freewheel. It starts early, and ends early in the evening, so we can start again early the next morning. This video is a bit long so I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Oklahoma Freewheel Fundraiser

    For the 35th year, a thousand bike riders will ride across Oklahoma in the Oklahoma Freewheel (over 500 miles in only 7 days). Taylor and Mark have both wanted to do this for a long, long time. Learn how your gift can be matched $2 for every $1 you can give, so that the event will raise $39,000.

  2. Time to Get Serious

    In an entry in his blog, Nevus Outreach CEO explains a little about Freewheel and his plans to get ready, and begins a friendly rivalry with his right-hand man at Nevus Outreach, Executive Administrator Taylor Scott.

  3. Taylor Scott Talks about OKFW

    Taylor gives his thoughts about Freewheel, but makes the mistake of turning his raw video over to his boss to get posted on the web site. Mark decides the video is too long, so he edits it. While editing it, he decided he can add helpful commentary to it to better engage the viewer.

  4. Twelve Days To Go

    In ongoing preparation for Freewheel, Mark hammers out a metric century on his bike while Taylor is nowhere to be found. Hmm. That's 100 km that Taylor's going to have to work hard to live down. Mark concedes that Taylor is capable of riding him into the ground, but implies that Taylor should not get complacent.

  5. Taylor Asks For Support

    Taylor appears out of the woodwork to answer all his boss' trash-talking, and attempts to persuade the viewer that he is the better prepared.

  6. The Home Stretch

    Mark checks in on the second day of his first two-day Freewheel test - to see if he's alive to tell about it after riding 50 miles per day for two days in a row. For the first time he takes the camera on the bike to show the viewer a bit of the Oklahoma countryside.

  7. Answering More Questions

    For the first time on video together, Taylor and Mark join to answer more questions about the Oklahoma Freewheel.

  8. Shoveling Coal

    We are also thankful to our myriad of supporters. Seeing the support continue to climb is helping us keep focused on the task at hand. Thank you for that.

  9. Climbing a Hill

    A steep hill is no deterrent for Taylor Scott. While many take to walking their bikes up the hill, Taylor continues on. Even though Mark talks about Taylor being lazy on these treks, Mark is no where to be seen behind Taylor as he continues the intense hill climb.

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