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People from all over the world are talking about Nevus Outreach and how it has changed their lives. Their comments warm our hearts. Our thanks to dedicated volunteer (and nevus mom!) Kristine McKewen for helping us pull all these together.



When my daughter was born, Nevus Outreach meant the world to us. My family was able to educate themselves and others about her condition and when people asked they could give a great answer.

– Missie, Michigan



When she met my daughter, she said it had been the first time in years she did not cry, and that she could look at her son and know he would grow up and be whomever he wanted to be.

– Molly, Massachusetts



I would like to express my gratitude for Nevus Outreach. Two and a half months ago, I was a new mommy to my little girl who was born with GCN. I was emotional, confused, scared, and I felt very alone. Nevus Outreach has given me the outlet I needed to ease my feelings and find answers to my questions. Nevus Outreach takes some of the weight off my shoulders everyday. From my family to yours, thank you, thank you, to all of you!

– Kristin, Florida



Their "spots" make all of our Nevus babies extra special! We are glad we found Nevus Outreach! It always helps me feel better to be able to talk to others going through the same thing. There are lots of positive people and stories here!

– Ashleigh, Georgia



My six month old daughter was born with giant nevi. She is beginning the removal process next month. My husband and children attended the Nevus Outreach conference in July. We found it great and sooo informative!

– Jessica, New York



Your website is wonderful. It saved our sanity when Eva was born. It is nice to give others a website to go to when they ask about what Eva has.

– Jodie, Georgia



My daughter was born with a giant nevus on the back of her body, wrapping around to her belly. I joined Nevus Outreach to meet a new community of nevus owners and parents! I have been welcomed warmly by Nevus Outreach, and I have found many stories that have made us feel much better as new parents. When I begin to feel overwhelmed, I come to Nevus Outreach."

– Casey, Michigan



A little over a year ago, I joined Nevus Outreach. The members have changed my life and, more importantly, my daughter’s life. It's wonderful to not feel so alone and, to be a part of Nevus Outreach!

– Christy, Pennsylvania



Parents who have babies with nevi now are really blessed to have this site to educate themselves and get support - it would have been such a help for us back then.

– Debra, Washington



My family thanks all of you for your support, advice, and sharing of information over the past two years. I can't tell you how helpful this group has been to us.

– Debra, New York



Being a part of Nevus Outreach makes a world of difference especially to someone like me who is far away from any new information about congenital nevi. Thanks to the group, I have a chance of giving my son the best chance in life. I will always be grateful to everybody who is part of Nevus Outreach.

– Biljana, Macedonia



I am grateful for the incredible wealth of personal experience represented here. I have learned much, much more from you adults and parents than any single doctor I have spoken with.

– Stephany, Colorado



Thank you for creating this support group. It is helping us get through a very difficult time in our lives.

– Bridget, Illinois



It's great to have this group to post your worries and concerns to - people that truly understand.

– Stephanie, California



I wish more groups like Nevus Outreach were around when we started making decisions about our daughter's future. So many questions for the parents and so few places to find, the answers you need.

– Robert, Canada



NOWHERE is there more info about congenital nevi than here. We would be lost without Nevus Outreach!

– Julia, Virginia



Thanks once again. You guys are great!

– Agustin, Mexico



I just joined the organization and I am very happy because I feel I am not alone any more. Thank you so much, and I am happy for being part of the family now!

– Constanza, Argentina



I am happy that I am part of this group, Nevus Outreach.

– Aseel, Sweden



We are proud Nevus parents! Our love for our children is so pure and so strong.

– Brisa, Brasil



Welcome to where you will find a wealth of information from the real experts: Nevus owners and their families.

– Michelle, Canada



All of you have made a world of difference in our lives.

– Tanya, Norway

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