Memphis Trip Number Two - Part 6

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Friday morning and all is well.  Yesterday, Megan slept a lot and got up to use the bathroom a lot.  In the late afternoon, her eyes flew open and you could tell she had just quickly transitioned from snoozy-sicksville to "ready to go" mode.  Because of all her trips to the bathroom (don't know how else to say that) she was good at getting in and out of bed, and walking some distance.

I called in the Physical Therapy department to have a look (they had visited earlier in the day and we discussed maybe they could check back toward the late afternoon).  They put Megan through her paces, then reported that they were going to sign off on her, since she was ready to go.

This has blown everybody away.

This morning they disconnected all the tubes and wires.  She is, once again, a stand-alone person.

Anyway, we don't know what we're going to do yet.  The doctor in charge of Megan's case, James Wheless, has not weighed in, and of course, it's what he says that counts.  So we wait.  It's a little early for me, anyway.  I'm not quite ready to leave!

Kathy is recovering and the hospital staff said she could come back as long as she didn't kiss or hug Megan, or sneeze on her, and also as long as she observed all the über-handwashing procedures.

We'll report more as it happens.

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