Memphis Trip Number Two - Part 4

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Okay, so I forgot to publish that little note with the "Sunset-Over-The-Caribbean" photo last night and probably made a few hearts leap.  Sorry 'bout that.

Today is Wednesday.  We got Megan here early - 5:45am - to have the cardio workup which went fine - no trace of that old VSD she may have had at one time (cardiologists here skeptical that she was properly diagnosed all along).  Then at 9:45 they let me suit up and follow her into the Operating Room, where, upon the priceless advice of a (well-known pediatric neuro-radiologist who has improved the lives of hundreds of people affected by giant nevi) friend, I did the following:

Just make sure you are with her when she is put to sleep and are with her when she wakes up again.  I think that is important for her.

This is a human deal; not a science or medicine deal.  How incredible that this (so prominently medical-scientific) man would choose these words for me.  So that's what we did.  At this moment, 1:15pm, they will have finished stitching her up and they must be about to call me in for the second half of that excellent advice.

Better get after it.  More later.

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