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We Are Not NOI - Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, I need a few minutes of your time.  Please read this carefully and take action to help a child with a nevus get on the marketing materials of a well-known baby product manufacturer.  About a week ago I was contacted by one of our own moms, Stephanie Teague, who was excited that her son Charlie was chosen as a finalist in Infantino’s “Everybody Plays” contest.  The winners go to a photo shoot and the photos are used in the products’ promotions.

The company allows the finalists to self-select to some degree by requiring the families to pay their own ways to the photo shoot.  Not sure what I think about that, except that I assume plenty of families get themselves to the photo shoot, which works for the company and helps them keep their expenses lower.  Stephanie asked Nevus Outreach for help.

I explained that Nevus Outreach does not have any existing mechanism for financial assistance in this situation.  However, I looked at all the Infantino links, read the blog, and studied their “Everybody Plays” contest, and I think having a child with a nevus on the packaging of products for a company that is trying to send such positive messages is something not to be passed up!  I have enough frequent flier miles on my favorite airline to fly them to the photo shoot, and I am glad to do that personally.  However, I want to engage the rest of our Nevus Outreach family so we are all doing this together.  

 Here’s what I propose:

Nevus Outreach has a branding problem.  If you’ve been paying attention, our organization is not called “NOI.”  It drives me nuts when people say “NOI” when they are talking about Nevus Outreach, because many, MANY people don’t understand who they are talking about.  There are a bunch of people on Facebook who probably think Nevus Outreach is only the name of a Facebook group, and don’t realize it’s the name of the coolest little charity on the face of the earth.

I have told the story before about when I was at a fancy dinner and this family couldn’t stop talking about how great we were, and all we had done to help their child’s outlook and self esteem, and how they didn’t feel alone and how now they knew they weren’t the only ones, and … they kept referring to us as “the nevus network.” (You can read more about that here).

Whereas we are definitely a nevus network, we are not The Nevus Network.  That's somebody else.

I would call that the textbook example of a branding problem.  Anyway, I would like to offer to get the Teagues to San Diego if we can find 100 people reading this who will pledge to never say “NOI” when they are talking about Nevus Outreach, and further, will also agree to gently correct anyone else who commits this counterproductive act.

Just clicking "Like" on Facebook does not count.  You need to write a comment below that you will commit to this pledge.  Rita Pink and company will keep count and when we get to 100 of you most excellent souls, I will book the tickets.

We are not NOI.