Learning by Doing

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Sometimes the only way you learn something is by doing it. Sounds simple enough, but sometimes doing it can get a long way from simple. Take a Nevus Conference, for instance. 

Something we have just learned by doing is this: For our upcoming conference, we didn’t mail a conference announcement to save money. We did this because in 2012, we mailed Conference Registration materials out over 1400 families, but only one family registered by mail. 

We thought this was a poor use of our limited funds. What we didn’t realize is how many families must leave that mailed announcement sitting on the table for months, so that when the deadline for registration approaches, they remember to sign up! Oops. 

This year, although early bird registrations are running at the same rate as last time (nearly 200 already registered), a number of families have contacted us who have attended in past years, saying they forgot to sign up in time and asking if we will allow them the Early Bird rate.

This has never happened before.

We realized that if this many people actually asked, there are probably others who also forgot, but have not asked, and are wondering what to do next. The best solution, we figured, is to simply extend Early Bird Registration a week and announce it far and wide.

Since Nevus Outreach is your full-service patient association, we have decided to learn from this experience, and extend Early Bird registration this week and this week only. Anyone who missed it the first time can still register at the Early Bird rate through the end of Sunday March 9.

“Nevus Outreach, learning things the hard way one conference at a time.” Your ongoing support means the world to us. Thank you so much for it.

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