June 2013 Articles



2013 Freewheel is now a memory. As of this writing the total stands at 106% of the goal. This means all $26,000 of the match will come through, so the total for the 2013 Oklahoma Freewheel fundraiser sits currently at $39,767 (will you be the one to put it over $40K?). This warms our hearts here in the Nevus Outreach office.

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Climbing a Hill

A steep hill is no deterrent for Taylor Scott. While many take to walking their bikes up the hill, Taylor continues on. Even though Mark talks about Taylor being lazy on these treks, Mark is no where to be seen behind Taylor as he continues the intense hill climb.

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Oklahoma Freewheel Comprehensive Index

Today I thought we would give you a little treat. This video will give you a little insight into our daily routine here on Freewheel. It starts early, and ends early in the evening, so we can start again early the next morning. This video is a bit long so I hope you enjoy it!

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Answering More OK Freewheel Questions

For the first time on video together, Taylor and Mark join to answer more questions about the Oklahoma Freewheel.

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The Home Stretch

It has been a very fruitful weekend where we more than doubled the donations to our crazy bicycle fundraiser! We send out a big “Thank you!” to everyone who has donated so far. At this point there are exactly 50 donations and pledges.

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