July 2011 Articles


Band-Aides and Blackboards: A platform for kids to step out of the shadows

Having been immersed in pediatric nursing for many years, Joan Fleitas, EdD, RN, knew kids with medical problems wanted people to know their conditions do not define who they are.  She designed Band-Aides and Blackboards to communicate this central fact to youngsters, parents, teachers, and health professionals.

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Ambitious UK Gal to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro to Raise Money for Nevus Research

Until she was 16, in 1996, Jodi Unsworth thought she was the only person in the world with a giant congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN).  It was then, however, that she met pediatric dermatologist David Atherton, MD, of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, in London.  Atherton was the leading CMN skin specialist in the UK and it was he who first gave a name to the rare skin condition Unsworth had been born with and told her she was not alone.

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"Searching to Conquer" Funded though 2011

We are pleased to announce we have secured the funding for another year of our largest ongoing scientific research project “Searching to Conquer” being conducted by Dr. Bernhard Wehrle-Haller at the University of Geneva.

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Grassroots Fundraiser Campaign for Conference 2012

The Grassroots Fundraiser Campaign is officially underway! In conference years, money raised in the Grassroots Fundraiser Campaign goes to offset conference costs. Anyone can put on a grassroots fundraiser - it’s easy!

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Six Nevus Gatherings

During non-conference years (2011, 2013) it has becoming a tradition to have nevus gatherings in various parts of the country. These mostly social get-togethers give families a chance to share stories, play, talk about the latest developments and build camaraderie around our cause.

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