It’s Easy to pay for the 2018 Conference!

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If you have never been to a Nevus Outreach conference, why not make 2018 your first one? The 2018 conference will be our 11th conference, and registration is now open. Early Bird prices are from Feb 1 - Feb 28. 

Holding a Grassroots Fundraiser is a great way to qualify  for credits toward attending – if you raise $500 for Nevus Outreach you can receive credit for one free child’s registration (12 and under). If you raise $1000, you can receive credit for one free teen or adult. (Please note: both the IRS and the AFP Code of Ethical Principals and Standards don’t allow you to donate to your own fundraiser.) Fundraisers must be completed by April 30 to apply to the 2018 conference.

There is also some financial aid available to attend the conference. Please email Kathy if you would like to apply for financial aid.

It costs us a lot more to put the conference on than you have to pay to attend. All the dollars raised in these grassroots fundraisers go to offset the costs of the conference and make it so we can continue to put them on, time after time. So start thinking about it today. If you’ve been to one conference and you’re hooked, make your plans for the next one. 

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