It’s Easy to pay for the 2018 Conference!

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Nevus Outreach’s first ten conferences are in the books! Looking back on them, it’s remarkable what a little dogged determination can do! We managed to network together thousands of people affected by giant nevi, and in the process, we learned who the doctors are who care the most about them, too.

Now we’re turning the corner to our second ten conferences! The 2018 conference will be our 11th conference. Stay tuned for details about it, but remember that any grassroots fundraising activity you can do starting right now will qualify you for credits toward attending – if you raise $500 for Nevus Outreach you can receive credit for one free child’s registration. If you raise $1000, you can receive credit for one free adult. If you raise more than you need, you can apply it to your hotel rooms – each additional $500 gets you one free hotel room night.

Putting on a grassroots fundraiser for Nevus Outreach is easy – it’s all automated on our web site. All you do is log in, and click through to the Grassroots Fundraiser Setup Form. There is a list of all the ones other people have done, in case you need ideas. Last year Leo and his family in New York raised over $2000 in honor of his 11th birthday. Elle Loehr and her family in Iowa raised over $3000. Angela Houser and her family in Alaska raised over $6000, using a 100-Card Challenge!

It costs us a lot more to put the conference on than you have to pay to attend. All the dollars raised in these grassroots fundraisers goes to offset the costs of the conference, and make it so we can continue to put them on, time after time. So start thinking about it today. If you’ve been to one conference and you’re hooked, make your plans for the next one. If you have never been to a Nevus Outreach conference, why not make 2018 your first one?

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