Holiday Shopping at Amazon

Categories: Support Nevus Outreach

Did you know that if you go to Amazon from, Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to Nevus Outreach? It’s true. Over the years, Amazon has donated $8762 to Nevus Outreach, because people from Nevus Outreach have purchased $219,050 worth of stuff at Amazon. You can see how it all adds up! Let’s just call this The Woo-Hoo! Power of the Internet.

You too can become a part of this great success story! Start by going to our home page at Then, click on any banner and you will get to Amazon, and Amazon will know you came from our web site, and any transaction you do on that visit will qualify for this program. Anyone can do this, and you can do it as often as you like.

Good shopping! Thanks in advance.


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