Grassroots Fundraiser Campaign for Conference 2012

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Will Appl Presents Nevus Outreach a Check

Will Appl presents Nevus Outreach
with a check for $16,800
on behalf of Nevus Golf Classic,
2010's Grassroots Fundraiser
Grand Prize Winner.

The Grassroots Fundraiser Campaign is officially underway! In conference years, money raised in the Grassroots Fundraiser Campaign goes to offset conference costs and the work of Nevus Outreach. Anyone can put on a grassroots fundraiser - it’s easy! Everything you need to register it, announce it and keep track of your donations and progress are available right here, at

Conference 2012 is projected to cost over $100,000. In order to keep the sign-up fee as low as possible we need YOUR help. Please consider holding any kind of fundraiser, for instance a garage sale, a birthday celebration with donations instead of gifts, or a charity meal at a local restaurant where a portion of the profits are donated. Any size fundraiser is welcomed! Nevus Outreach can help with brochures, banners, and spreading the word about your event. Share your ideas by emailing Megan Fields at eat0@eau0eav0eaw0.

Ready to get started with your own grassroots fundraiser? More details are available on our Grassroots Fundraiser page. Remember, if we don't do it, it wont get done!

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