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by Mike Loehr

I’m glad to share a few exciting updates with all of our nevus families and friends. The Board of Directors of Nevus Outreach has been hard at work with Mark and the entire staff not only focusing on the coming 2016 conference, but fostering creative ideas on making Nevus Outreach poised for future success. During our fall Board Retreat in Chicago, we were reminded just how impactful Nevus Outreach is, when a new family was in Chicago with their child during a consultation with their doctor. We invited them to our meeting to learn who we are and what we do. Needless to say, it was a divine appointment and therapeutic for each of us as we spent time together.

Nevus Outreach has had a profound impact on each of us in so many different ways (see all the comments from others in this newsletter!), and this continues to increase as time goes on. We are working hard to expand who we are and what we do and as you well know, we operate on a budget that consists of 100% donations and grants. Fundraising can be a scary and intimidating topic, but is vital to the future success of Nevus Outreach. With Mark’s leadership, we’ve been working hard on fundraising concepts that will make it easy and effective for all of our nevus family and friends to participate. The board will be trying out a couple of new ideas for fundraising, and we look forward to sharing our results at our conference as a way to encourage each of you to join us in strengthening Nevus Outreach financially. The bottom line, it’s critical for us to grow our finances in order to achieve our goals of meeting the needs of our existing nevus families, while continuing to discover & serve our new families. We look forward to connecting with old & new friends at our new location for the 2016 conference!


Meeting new nevus friends in Chicago

Meeting new nevus friends in Chicago

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