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Goal: $40,000.00
Raised: $33,856.55

Gavin Bailey

Friends of Gavin Michael Bailey, who died in 2013 at the age of 1 from complications of Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis, are challenging the people of Nevus Outreach to raise $20,000 by the end of February 2014. Each dollar raised will be matched, up to a total of $20,000, resulting in a fund of $40,000. This money will be used to support ongoing Tissue Bank activities at Nevus Outreach.

For more information:

Mark Beckwith
Nevus Outreach
918 331-0595

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Fundraiser Summary Goal Totals: $40,000.00 | Total Raised: $33,856.55 + Total Pledged: $0.00 = Total: $33,856.55
Campaign Summary Goal Totals: $96,700.00 | Total Raised: $125,034.58 + Total Pledged: $0.00 = Total: $125,034.58

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