Early-Bird Conference Sign-up Extended!

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In keeping with the best laid plans, there was a mix-up at the mail-house in December, and all of our conference sign-up announcements were mailed to the wrong mailing list.  We discovered this when the address corrections started to roll in and we wondered about who these people were getting our conference announcements!  We knew something went wrong.

We wish to offer our sincerest apologies. Our conference sign-up announcements (which you can see here) are being re-printed and will be mailed to the correct recipients on about February 1. We have therefore extended the Early-Bird sign-up period for one month, to the end of February, to be fair to those who may not have received this information for the first time yet.

We hope that this extended deadline will assist those of you who were going to have to miss the January 31st deadline. We are also excited to announce that as of today, there are already over one hundred people signed up to attend the conference!

Some financial assistance may be available.  Click here for details.
5 yrs & Under $50.00 $70.00 $90.00
Some financial assistance may be available. Click here for detail
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