Donor Challenge Issued

Categories: Support Nevus Outreach

It’s official: our wonderful supporters The Morgan Family Foundation have issued a challenge to the donors of Nevus Outreach: for every dollar you give to Nevus Outreach before December 31, they will give two dollars! They will do this up to $45,000.00 – meaning our goal is to raise $22,500.00 from everyone else, making our end-of-year fund drive goal $67,500.00.

These funds will go toward the continued operation of Nevus Outreach. This is more than three times larger than any previous year-end campaign Nevus Outreach has ever mounted. Ambitious? Yes, but with the help of the Morgan Family Foundation and the support of so many people who want to see our organization succeed, we can do it!

All you have to do is make a donation to Nevus Outreach. The Morgans will do the rest. Thanks Morgans!

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