Danielle Stamatiou Installed as New Board Chair

Categories: Nevus Outreach Community

Board member Danielle Stamatiou of Toronto, Canada has officially stepped in as the new Board Chair for Nevus Outreach. The baton was passed from outgoing Chairman Pierre Gremillion during the 2010 International Nevus Outreach Conference, held July 7-10 in Westlake, TX.

Danielle is a postdoctoral scientist working at the University of Toronto, where she helps develop alternative fuels.

Danielle's giant nevus covers her left leg from knee to hip. She also has numerous satellites with the one in her right eye being her favorite.

Ever since Danielle attended her first conference in 2004 in Columbus, Ohio she felt like she belonged. She further explains that, "I have great respect for what the founders of Nevus Outreach have created and vow to do my best to continue the wonderful job started by the chairs before me. I, together with our outstanding Board of Directors, plan on setting our goals high for Nevus Outreach. As incoming Chair, I look forward to taking our scientific research to unprecedented levels, to reaching out and connecting to people with nevi all over the world and to increasing public understanding and support."

Danielle Stamatiou is pictured at right with her husband George and son Maximo.

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