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By Taylor Scott, Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator

Taylor Scott, Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator

This is the time of year when we work extra hard to make ends meet. At Nevus Outreach we want to be good stewards of your donations supporting what we do. One thing that costs a lot is communicating with everyone.

Did you know that for our last conference, we mailed out over 1400 Registration Packets, but only one family registered by sending a check in the mail? Seriously. That cost a lot! Everyone else registered on the web site using credit cards and bank drafts. Does that mean we shouldn’t be sending stuff out by mail any more?

I asked one person, and they said, “I like getting fundraising requests in the mail, but I like getting news updates on Facebook or via email links.” And did you hear, last July, we learned that more than half the people who look at our web site are not using a computer? They’re using a MOBILE DEVICE!

We also have people who are unaware that until only recently we were required by law to send them a written acknowledement of their donation, accusing us of waste, when what we were doing was complying with the laws we have to obey as a non-profit organization.  Do you feel this way?  Now that we are no longer required to do this (the email is now acceptable to the IRS), although many donors still expect the mailed acknowledgement.  Well now is your chance to tell us what you prefer. WE NEED TO KNOW so we can use our limited funds as effectively as possible. If you like postal mail, and many people do, then make sure we know by sending back the enclosed card telling us so.

If you don’t like postal mail then PLEASE don’t send the card back! (That would be “wasting a stamp,” right?) Please fill out our simple online survey. Once we know what your preferences are, we will communicate with you those ways, from now on.

That’s our resolution to you, but we can only do it if you take the survey. Thank you!

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