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We released an article on yesterday that is all about Jodi Unsworth’s effort to raise money for her organization, Caring Matters Now.  Caring Matters Now, whose acronym is not coincidentally CMN, the same initials as we use for congenital melanocytic nevi, is the British equivalent of Nevus Outreach in most ways.

Being the guy whose job it is to know as much as possible about giant nevi, I knew about Jodi for a long time and finally met her when their Board invited me to attend one of their family day events in November 2009.  I was so taken by her, her story, and the story of Caring Matters Now that we invited her to speak at our 2010 Conference.

She was so wonderfully received by the people of Nevus Outreach in July 2010, that we asked her to come back in 2012.  My gosh, when she talks to us next July, what stories she will have to tell!

Jodi is always a joy, but in 2012 I expect a full report on her effort to raise money by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, which you can read about in the great piece Pat McAdams wrote about her.  One of the reasons I am writing about her today is, they are close to making their fundraising goal, but not quite.  I think it would be wonderful if a surge of support from their sister organization Nevus Outreach would put them over the top!  It’s important for us to not just say we support each other, but, frankly, to actually do it.  They are family.

Caring Matters Now is fielding a bunch of Nevus Family climbers – and if you don’t know which one to support, I recommend Jodi’s dad Joe Unsworth.  Joe took care of Megan and me when Megan had a seizure at the Nevus Family Day in Liverpool in 2009.

Join Jodi and her team

The best way I can think of for us to show Jodi and Caring Matters Now what we think of them would be for one of us to represent Nevus Outreach on the climb itself.  I know most of you reading this can’t just drop what you’re doing and decide to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This message is not to you.  This message is to the one or two people reading this who are crazy enough to think this is the perfect thing to do at this point in their lives.

Make no mistake, you need to be fit – since the climb is in only a little over 3 months – but if it’s on our bucket list, this might be the time!  Contact me if this got your attention – eat0@eau0eav0eaw0 – and let’s put it together.

Jodi Unsworth prepares to climb Mt. Kilimanjro

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