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(L - R) Mike, Betsy, Elle and Carter Loehr

(L - R) Mike, Betsy, Elle and Carter Loehr

A story like so many others – when their daughter Elle was born 11 years ago, Mike and Betsy Loehr longed for answers, encouragement and hope. Elle was born with a giant nevus. Even though this is really rare, when they found Nevus Outreach they found all that and more.

“When we met Betsy and Mike and their daughter Elle at our 2006 conference in Texas, Elle was only one year old! We were so glad to welcome a new family into our fold. From the beginning Mike and Betsy treated us as a lifeline and it showed,” Kathy Stewart, co-founder of Nevus Outreach, relates. “Nevus Outreach gives hope to families struggling with this challenging condition.”

Now, 10 years later, the Loehrs have become some of Nevus Outreach’s greatest cheerleaders. Mike joined the Board of Directors in 2014, and has since taken the bull by the horns when it comes to doing all he can to help Nevus Outreach continue the work it started in 1997. Betsy adds, “By making a donations of any size, supporters can help us celebrate the lives of children around the world affected by this rare condition.”

Mike and Betsy put their money where their mouths are. In addition to being long-time supports of Nevus Outreach financially (they are Outreach Angels), this year they put on both a Birthday Fundraiser and a 100 Card Challenge, and were so successful and enthusiastic that they have agreed to help others do the same. See the Nevus Outreach web site for details on both of these kinds of fundraisers.

“Indeed, donations entrusted to Nevus Outreach pay for the conference and other things like scientific research to figure out what causes giant nevi, and also a newly-formed scholarship fund just for kids who have this birth defect,” according to Mark Beckwith, Nevus Outreach Chief Executive.

Mike, Betsy and the rest of the Board of Directors are committed to making Conference 2018 the best ever, but they can’t do it without your help. Make sure when you see opportunities to help with grassroots support, you think what you can do to help Nevus Outreach put on the best conference ever!

The Loehr family make sure we all know how they feel about it: “Your involvement would mean a lot to us!”

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