Awareness Programs


Nevus Outreach sponsors Awareness Programs targeted at specific specialists to improve awareness of large nevi and CMN.

Area Code Awareness

Our first program was an Area Code Awareness project aimed at dermatologists within the United States. It began in January of 1999 and was completed three months later, nine months ahead of schedule.

Area Code Awareness was an area code by area code, direct mail campaign focusing on education and awareness about large nevi and CMN within the dermatological community. With a goal of distributing current literature about these rare disorders to every dermatologist in the United States by the end of 1999, the campaign was clearly a mammoth undertaking, but one which holds great promise for raising insight among front line professionals who care for and advise people affected by these conditions.

Nevus Outreach provided regional volunteers with preprinted mailing labels, envelopes, postage, and educational literature approved by our Professional Advisory Committee. Regional volunteers provided the manpower to collate the material, affix the labels, and mail them.

Future Awareness

Additional Awareness Programs will be announced as we have the finances to complete them. Our next mailout will be to the 3400 hospital nurseries in the United States. In the future, we plan to conduct similar programs for neurologists, surgeons, and pediatricians.