April 2013 Articles


Raising Awareness Around the World

Identifying the best ways to raise awareness about a rare disorder such as congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) has been a learning curve for players everywhere. About two dozen representatives from countries around the world met in Texas at the last Nevus Outreach Conference to share what they had learned, to review what had been accomplished recently, and to brainstorm how best to move forward from here. Mark Beckwith, director of Nevus Outreach, led this session.

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Jodi’s Epic Adventure: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to Raise Money for Research

By midnight on October 10, 2011, the temperature had plummeted to a brutal minus 40 degrees and ice was falling steadily from the sky, but Jodi Unsworth and her fellow trekkers were undeterred. They bravely climbed from their tents and set off on the final leg of their journey toward the peak of Africa’s highest mountain — Mount Kilimanjaro — soaring some 19,341 feet above sea level. It was a 10 hour-long climb into a raging ice storm, on a slippery slope, in the dark, with nothing to light their way but head torches.

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Be a Part of the Photo Exhibit

Nevus Outreach is seeking people with nevi to be a part of an exhibit by Positive Exposure's award-winning photographer Rick Guidotti.

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Real Life Issues for Parents

Sharing resources and tapping the collective wisdom within Nevus families is a powerful reason for attending the biennial Conference and this session was no disappointment. Hurwitz started the meeting by offering three valuable handouts to families.

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