Announcing the Nevus Outreach Scholarship Fund

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“Watermelon: From Space” framed by  Nevus Outreach co-founder, Kathy Stewart (L),  and donor, Sam Bell (R).

“Watermelon: From Space” framed by Nevus Outreach co-founder, Kathy Stewart (L), and donor, Sam Bell (R).

Are you one of the many people in Nevus Outreach that was told by a doctor that your child with a nevus might not live to be very old, and maybe you should just take them home and love them? A lot of us remember this as a defining moment.

“When Nevus Outreach was founded in 1997, Megan was one year old,” remembers Mark Beckwith, Chief Executive of Nevus Outreach. Kathy, Megan’s mom, adds, “We were told Megan would not live to be two years old. We have spent the last 20 years raising a beautiful daughter and doing all we can to make sure nobody else ever has to go through what we went through.” It turns out there are a lot of us who got the same line from some well-meaning but misguided doctors.

Now that our kids are college age, some of us are trying to create an Endowment fund that can generate earnings we can then give out in academic scholarships or financial aid to kids with nevi.

We had our first big break! A long-time supporter of Nevus Outreach, a good friend of Megan’s dad named Dave Bell, agreed to donate a limited edition serigraph by noted pop-artist Andy Warhol to Nevus Outreach. The work is called “Watermelon: From Space.” The goal will be to liquidate this piece in a way that will yield the seed money to start this endowment fund.

Dave Bell was a beloved Hollywood TV producer and director. He was also a Ham Radio operator, and he administered the license exam to Nevus Outreach CEO Mark Beckwith at age 11. “Dave has been my radio mentor for all these many decades,” Beckwith recollects. “He taught me so much about the magic and romance of the airwaves.” Bell decided to quit his twenty year fight with cancer about a year ago, and turn his attention to more pleasant things. “He passed away in May, in his home in Encinitas California, surrounded by his family. He is survived by four of his own children and his wife, Sam. Dave and Sam were particularly fond of our daughter, Megan.”

The Andy Warhol-inspired Nevus Outreach Scholarship Fund will be a lasting and fitting tribute to a great entertainer, mentor, educator and friend.

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