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Mark Beckwith and Taylor Scott stand in front of a marble Texas at the beginning of their Oklahoma Freewheel trip

Mark Beckwith and Taylor Scott at the beginning of the Oklahoma Freewheel.

Mark Beckwith and Taylor Scott stand at the Oklahoma Freewheel finish line

Mark Beckwith and Taylor Scott at the Oklahoma Freewheel Finish Line.



2013 Freewheel is now a memory. As of this writing the total stands at 106% of the goal. This means all $26,000 of the match will come through, so the total for the 2013 Oklahoma Freewheel fundraiser sits currently at $39,767 (will you be the one to put it over $40K?). This warms our hearts here in the Nevus Outreach office.

Every person who benefits in any way from Nevus Outreach: Anyone who...

  • attends a Nevus Outreach conference
  • goes to a Nevus Outreach gathering
  • receives a free Nevus Outreach brochure
  • uses our MRI white paper to instruct their neurologist
  • reads any scientific article using the Nevus Outreach Registry data
  • gets their question answered personally by the Nevus Outreach team
  • finds value in the Yahoo! and Facebook groups operated by Nevus Outreach
  • uses the Nevus Outreach MRI service
  • knows they are not alone thanks to Nevus Outreach
  • finds anything of value on the Nevus Outreach web site

Has been selflessly served by the ones who make Nevus Outreach possible. The staff of Nevus Outreach, professional and volunteer, wishes to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 2013 Oklahoma Freewheel fundraising event. You rose to the challenge! Each person that supported this effort knows our slogan is more than just a catchy turn of phrase - they know that if they had not done it, it would not have gotten done.

Or, to put it another way, if it were not for these folks, Nevus Outreach would not exist. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Every person who benefits from Nevus Outreach should consider these words: Many hands make light work.

Contributions to the ongoing work of Nevus Outreach will always be needed, and welcomed.

Thank you!

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