2016 Oklahoma Freewheel Fundraiser

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We have some great news for everybody! Here is an easy opportunity to help keep Nevus Outreach moving forward on its ambitious goal of improving the lives of people everywhere affected by large congenital melanocytic nevi.


Who (L-R):

Mark Beckwith, Nevus Outreach CEO
Bill Humphries, Friend of Nevus Outreach
Robert "Woody" Wood, Friend of Nevus Outreach
Ray Earley, Friend of Nevus Outreach
Dwayne Senn, Friend of Nevus Outreach
Bruce Decker, Friend of Nevus Outreach
Jorge Rello, Friend of Nevus Outreach
Agustin Izquiredo, Father of a child with a nevus


They ride their bicycles across the great state of Oklahoma


From the Texas border to the Kansas state line


June 19 - 25


To raise money to offset costs for the 2016 Nevus Outreach Conference



Since 2013, Nevus Outreach has fielded a group of riders in the annual Oklahoma Freewheel, where hundreds of riders go across the state in one week. We do it to show our dedication to a very worthy cause, and we ask for your support by pledging per mile - like this year it's 485 miles, so if you pledge, say, 10 cents a mile, we'll ask you to send in $48.50 at the end of the week. Or you can just make a regular donation, if you want.

Help sponsor the team, as they ride their bikes across the state of Oklahoma to raise awareness of Giant Congenital Nevi, and support for the 2016 Nevus Outreach Conference.  Every dollar given will be matched dollar for dollar (up to a total of $30,000). That means for every $1 you give, Nevus Outreach receives $2. If your employer matches your contributions, that means that for every $1 you give, Nevus Outreach will receive $4 because your employer's contribution will also get matched!

Help us make our conference available to as many people as possible! Pledge now!


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