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Nevus Outreach 2016 Winter Newsletter

As Nevus Outreach approaches its 20-year anniversary, we can cite numerous milestones and achievements…all worthy of praise. I will focus on the major standouts from my perspective as a board member, mother to a child with a giant nevus, and as a “family” member of the Nevus Family.

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Nearly 20 Years

Winter 2016 brings with it the close of another successful year for Nevus Outreach, and, for me, the excitement that 2017 will be the 20th anniversary of our big nevus family! Nevus Outreach was founded in Nashville on July 1, 1997. Megan and Kathy and I were there.

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It’s Easy to pay for the 2018 Conference!

Nevus Outreach’s first ten conferences are in the books! Looking back on them, it’s remarkable what a little dogged determination can do! We managed to network together thousands of people affected by giant nevi, and in the process, we learned who the doctors are who care the most about them, too.

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2015 Form 990

If you are thinking about supporting Nevus Outreach with your hard earned dollars, perhaps just under the surface you might ask, “How do I know they won’t take my money and run?” or, “How do I know what they do with my money?”

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Board Spotlight – Fundraisers

A story like so many others – when their daughter Elle was born 11 years ago, Mike and Betsy Loehr longed for answers, encouragement and hope. Elle was born with a giant nevus. Even though this is really rare, when they found Nevus Outreach they found all that and more.

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Thankful for Grassroots Support

At Nevus Outreach we know it takes a village. We know we cannot do what we do without the support of the families and friends of people who are touched by our disease.

For this we are thankful.

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Download the 2016 Conference App

The Nevus Outreach 2016 International Conference and Family Reunion is proud to announce the use of 2Shoes App during this year’s event. This application will allow you to easily ask questions to the presenters, answer polls, view documents and give feedback during the sessions.

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2016 Oklahoma Freewheel Fundraiser

We have some great news for everybody! Here is an easy opportunity to help keep Nevus Outreach moving forward on its ambitious goal of improving the lives of people everywhere affected by large congenital melanocytic nevi.

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