2015 Form 990

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If you are thinking about supporting Nevus Outreach with your hard earned dollars, perhaps just under the surface you might ask, “How do I know they won’t take my money and run?” or, “How do I know what they do with my money?”

The answer is simple – Besides our track record of all the great work we have done since 1997 – nearly 20 years - Nevus Outreach was granted official status as a non-profit organization by the US government in 1997. This achievement, that ubiquitous “501(c)(3) status” you hear so much about, is a grueling process. One of the things we have to do to maintain our standing with the Federal government is file an IRS return every year. For our kind of organization it’s called a Form 990. Our Form 990 is then made available to the public as a matter of record. For instance, you can find more information on our incorporation page, or other places like GuideStar. The Form 990 tells you in great detail how much money we received, how much we spent, and what we did with it.
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