2012 Conference and Reunion Will Break All Records

Categories: Nevus Conference, Support Nevus Outreach

This summer's conference is on track to break all previous records for overall attendance, number of sessions, number of families, number of people with nevi, number of countries represented, number of presenters, scientists and researchers in attendance, etc.  For the first time ever, it is possible we could run out of space.

You name it!  There is nothing about this conference that won't be unprecedented!

Also remember that we offer ways to help you lower your costs through our Grassroots Fundraiser program.

Finally, remember too that the sign-up costs go up again on May 1.  That means April 30 is the last day to get the current pricing.  We urge you to sign up for the conference and book your hotel rooms as soon as you can.  Don't get caught sitting on the fence - sign up now!

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