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Welcome to the new Nevus Outreach website!

We have striven to make this website a valuable resource to people affected by large congenital nevus. We hope you will use this website to keep up to date on the latest nevus medical news and all of the happenings at Nevus Outreach.

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The 2010 International Nevus Outreach Conference Memory DVD is now available!

We hope you enjoy the highlights from the 2010 Nevus Outreach International Conference, held in Westlake, TX. On the 28-minute video, you will surely see familiar faces...

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Find Nevus Outreach on Facebook

Nevus outreach has expanded its web presence to Facebook. Faceboo­k is a free social networking service connecting individuals to their friends. The new Nevus Outreach Facebook Page provides us with a fun, relevant platform to update the Nevus Community about all sorts of news related to Nevus. On our Facebook Page, you can contribute photos and comments, meet others within the Nevus Community and keep in touch with old friends.

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Donor Challenge Met!

Earlier this month, The Morgan Family Foundation issued a 2 to 1 challenge to the donors of Nevus Outreach. Great news! We have surpassed our goal of $67,500. A huge "thank you" to everyone who helped us achieve this!

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Donor Challenge Issued

It’s official: our wonderful supporters The Morgan Family Foundation have issued a challenge to the donors of Nevus Outreach: for every dollar you give to Nevus Outreach before December 31, they will give two dollars! They will do this up to $45,000.00 – meaning our goal is to raise $22,500.00 from everyone else, making our end-of-year fund drive goal $67,500.00.

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American Way Magazine Article Highlights Dean Rogers

Dean Rogers likes to study a subject until he understands it fully. Case in point: his knowledge of aircraft engines. Rogers began at American more than 21 years ago as a line mechanic, progressed to a systems mechanic, then transferred to the engine shop, where he is a Crew Chief in charge of mechanics who overhaul engines for Boeing 757s and 777s.

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Danielle Stamatiou Installed as New Board Chair

Board member Danielle Stamatiou of Toronto, Canada has officially stepped in as the new Board Chair for Nevus Outreach. The baton was passed from outgoing Chairman Pierre Gremillion during the 2010 International Nevus Outreach Conference, held July 7-10 in Westlake, TX.

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