2008 Nevus Outreach International Conference and Reunion


The 2008 Nevus Outreach International Conference and Reunion, held in Fort Worth, TX, was a memorable one. It was unprecedented in so many ways:

  • More people in attendance than ever
  • More families in attendance than ever
  • More people with nevi in attendance than ever
  • More adults with nevi in attendance than ever
  • More sessions than ever

For those of you who were there and want to relive some of the memories from a different perspective, or for those who haven't attended a conference and want to see what they are like, we've included some testimonials and blog entries below.

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Testimonial: Robert Brown

Having 44 years of wisdom (as Megan says it) I was skeptical as to whether the conference would be beneficial to me. After all, I'm way past removing anything and I'm at a different stage in my life than most people attending. All I wanted to do was be a resource if possible…  Continue Reading »


Testimonial: Rita Pink

I was very anxious to attend the conference explicitly for the experience of meeting other nevus people. Having spend the first 61 years of my life "all alone," I had hoped this would be an opportunity not only to get support from others but also perhaps to give support to some. I hope I was able to help some parents to see how their kids can and will grow up to live normal lives.  Continue Reading »


Testimonial: Jade Price

This is a "quick note" for all the people who've been kind enough to ask "how was America?" and especially for the people who helped me to get there. The problem is that it's not a question that can be answered when dashing past in the corridor, it's the half-hour-response variety of question…  Continue Reading »


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